My first ever blog post! What a momentous occasion. I’ll begin by saying immediately that I am artist, which is why you see an image of Vincent van Gogh at the start of my post. He’s my inspiration. You might think it’s crazy (no pun intended) that I’d have as my inspiration a man who took his life at the young-ish age of 37, but if you’ve ever read his letters to his brother, Theo, you’ll know that van Gogh was a driven, passionate, compassionate, spiritual, nature-loving, and eloquent man. The eloquence alone is surprising, given that he was considered rather rough and uncouth. But he had one aim in his short life: to paint the every day, the mundane, the subtle nuances of nature and life. You can just see the energy in his brushstrokes, the movement in his work.
The need to paint, to create, filled him. He never quit, even though he sold only one painting in his short lifetime.

My passion is mixed media, and my style could be described as whimsical and, I hope, always inspirational and innocent. I love using vintage papers; found objects and ephemera; color; fabrics; anything and everything goes in mixed media. There are no mistakes, and I can play with and use as many different mediums as I choose.

I hope this humble blog will be a place of beauty and good vibes. Thank you for sharing in this new journey with me.