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A wonderful post about talent, by the artist and author Richard Schmid:

“Talent. Don’t bother about whether or not you have it. Just assume that you do, and then forget about it. Talent is a word we use after someone has become accomplished. There is no way to detect it before the fact, or when someone is still grappling with the learning process. It is impossible to predict when or if mastery will click into place. Besides, the thing we label as talent is not a single ability. It is a complex mixture of motive, curiosity, receptivity, intelligence, sensitivity, good teaching, perseverance, timing, sheer luck and countless other things. If any part of it is genetic, God-given, the result of astrological fiddle-faddle, fate or destiny, that part is not the sole determining factor. All the other ingredients must be present in the right combination-and no one knows the exact recipe. Therefore, Dear Reader, don’t waste time worrying if you are talented-and don’t blame any failures on the lack of it-that is really a cop out.” -Richard Schmid