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Loosen up. For a borderline OCD person, who’s used to creating in nice, symmetrical tidiness and who is definitely not an abstract thinker, this is a very difficult thing to do. But this year I’ve challenged myself to step outside of the cliched comfort zone, to have vision and see beyond what my hands are creating on the canvas, to go the extra mile in my art. And the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve felt the need to apply it to my personal life. I’m a creature of habit, of routine. The phrase “live a little” could be applied to me easily, and this is why I’ve taken small steps and exercised my compassion for others and have looked into causes that speak to me on a personal level. I’m in middle age now, but I feel I’ve grown more in the last year of my life than at any other time, that I have more to offer than I ever thought possible, and it’s a good feeling.

So, this little abstract piece is another attempt at thinking outside the box (I know, another cliche!). I like doing pieces that have energy. I hope you like it.